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    Imagination can lead you to…

    “Infinity plus one is bigger than one plus infinity!” I heard those words spoken the other night by mathematician, pianist and author Eugenia Cheng. Initially my reaction was ’What? Don’t be stupid!’ but I carried [...]
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    Motivation, or lack there of!

    Motivation can often be a struggle event for the most motivated person. I used to spend the day saying “when I get home I’ll go for a walk,” but when I got home I’d have [...]
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    Not all heroes wear capes.

    Happy new year! How are the resolutions going? Did you make any? Broken them yet? So what if you have. New year is only a date, start again, give it another go. I made a [...]

Be the change.  Be the best.  Lead the pack.

Rob is a qualified and accredited Life and Executive Coach, having trained in co-active coaching with the Positive Success Group in Galway.

Using strength based coaching Rob enables the client to set their own goals and agenda and work towards positive outcomes.

Rob is an accomplished public speaker having appeared around the world discussing a wide variety of topics from social media and its impact on the generation of tomorrow to the inequality that some minority groups live with. He’s always open to having his opinion challenged and enjoys hearing others speak. [Read more…]

Quote of the day

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
Steve Jobs


Training for the Helpline

Rob was one of my trainers and mentors during my training, His methods and techniques were a huge help and benefit to me. His insights and experience was invaluable. He is great at putting people… Read more “Training for the Helpline”

Michael O'Malley
Good event

Rob helped us organise a fundraiser which in the end proved to be our most successful fundraiser ever. Thanks Rob.

Steven Greenham
Blue Suede Shoes Dancing School
Great teacher

Rob taught me to crochet at classes in 2014. He is a great teacher – he’s clear and concise and extremely patient. During his classes, no student was left behind and we were all made… Read more “Great teacher”

Janet Mawby
I’m looking forward to organising

I’m looking forward to organising my first event.

Phil Mackin
Rob is a great trainer

I learned a lot about myself on the facilitation course. I didn’t expect that and it was a welcome bonus. Rob is a great trainer and made sure everyone understood the point before moving on… Read more “Rob is a great trainer”

Gavan Hennelly

Rob’s self-deprecating humour really added an edge to his talk. Even when talking about something sensitive to him he still added humour and made it enjoyable to listen to.

Simon Smith
Aston Wood Golf Course
Best Man

I was the best man at my brothers wedding and panicking about having to give my speech. Rob helped my overcome my nerves and put my speech in the right order.

Daniel Curran
Thank you

Rob gave a talk on the mental issues faced by the LGBT+ community and I found it very enlightening. I was surprised to hear some of the statistics as well as saddened by some of… Read more “Thank you”

Julie Newman

Rob helped me achieve my goal.  I now have a new job and much better outlook on life.  Thanks Rob.

I’ve worked with Rob on

I’ve worked with Rob on committees, seen him give talks and host events. He was always been extremely professional and competent in whatever he does. Rob is a very trustworthy and responsible individual. His work… Read more “I’ve worked with Rob on”

Megan Reilly
The most understanding trainer I’ve had

I was trained by Rob for a role of support in the LGBT community. Through his charismatic personality and understanding nature all those on the course felt respected, listened too and empowered. He turned a… Read more “The most understanding trainer I’ve had”

Cameron Keighron

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