International Women’s Day – Thank you.

There are many influential women in my life and I’m grateful to them for the lessons they’ve taught me over the years. From my early steps into this world to where I am now there has always been a woman behind me, in front of me, at my side, helping me in some way.

On International Women’s Day I’d like to honour one particular woman who is now and always will be the most influential and important woman in my life. To be honest, she probably doesn’t know it and I’m guilty in that I don’t tell her often enough.

My mother.

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She is always there for me without question and even though she sometimes has to have stern words with me I know she loves me. She’s proud of me and she tells me so and she always shows an interest in my life, even in the most mundane aspects of it.

She is one of the strongest people I know and I’m incredibly lucky to be her son. Thank you mom for everything you’ve done, everything you do and everything you’re going to do

On International Women’s Day don’t ask “when is it International Men’s Day?” Don’t be that guy. Instead thank those women around you for being there and listen to them when they talk.

Davy Quinlivan puts it in better words than I ever could. You can read it below. I highly recommend you do.

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