Successfully Busy

It is said that if you want something done ask a busy person.  This is finebut when you’re asking remember you’re asking a busy person!

Think about how much that person has on and what they’re doing.

– Is your request an especially important one?
– Is something that only this person can do or could you go to someone else?
– Can you do it yourself?
– How will the person feel about being asked?
– Will your request affect this persons mental health?

Many busy people are busy for a reason. They’re doing something they love and are happy to throw their time behind. And that is exactly where the problems start.


How we measure success has changed over the years. You were successful if you had lots of money or if you had many possessions. You were successful if you lived in a big house or drove a high-end car. Now we appear to measure success by how busy we are.

Success shouldn’t be measured in money or possessions or time. It should me measured in your own emotions and well being.

Over the last few months I’ve done a few things that have kept me busy, hence the lack of entries here or interactions on Twitter/Facebook. My time has been limited but that doesn’t mean I’ve been successful. It literally just means I’ve been busy.

During all out busy times, and we all have the, we all need a break. We need rest and relaxation. It’s a recovery process that allows us to get continue with the next day. This is part of our mental health well being and without it the burn out comes fast.

So before you ask a busy person to do something because you’re pretty sure it’ll get done, think about the questions I mentioned earlier. Why aren’t you doing it? Because you can’t? Are you sure about that?

Either way, take a break. Relax. Enjoy the world around you. It’s beautiful. Breathe.

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