New Years Resolutions 2019

I’m not one for making New Years Resolutions. I don’t like them. They’re too easy to break and you can end up becoming really frustrated. People try hard to stick to them and don’t and get fed up so end up breaking any tradition started as the New Year starts.

My other problem with it is what we say. New Years ResolutionS. The plural. Why should you make more than one? Why isn’t one enough?

I am going to make changes in 2019, the same way I made changes in 2018, but I’m not calling them New Years Resolutions and I’m not deciding to make all those changes on January 1st. The pressure and stress we put ourselves under on the first day of new year is ridiculous. And we make it even worse by saying we’re doing more than one.

So as midnight strikes tonight, don’t go to bed promising yourself you’re going to make so many changes that by the morning you can’t remember all of them. Instead pick one and do that. If you can do for a week and wish you’d chosen more than one then choose another. And every Tuesday, add another one – if you want to, but don’t feel like you must. Don’t put any unnecessary pressure on yourself! One small change is enough to last the year. Should you add one a week though by the start of 2020 you might have 52 completed promises to yourself. We can’t call them new years resolutions anymore because we’re doing it all year round, so we’re calling them self-promises. But do you know what, if you get to 2020 and only have one completed that’s one more than you had entering 2019. Tell yourself well done!

So what if you get to the end of 2019 and haven’t done any of your self-promises? Are you going to call it a failure? Why would you do that? If you’ve tried then you haven’t failed. Failure you would be not trying at all!

So my one change I’ll be starting tomorrow will be that I’m going to read more. I used to be an avid reader, constantly picking up something new. I invested in a Kindle and read loads, then it just tailed out. Now I read things I have to read, like texts books reports. So I’m going to change that and rekindle my love of reading.

What will do you in 2019?

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