Look at how far you’ve come!

It’s easy to forget, sometimes, just how far you’ve come. Especially when there’s so many people always trying to knock you down. More often than not they don’t mean it, they’re not being nasty or vindictive, they just don’t realise that sometimes some of the things they say aren’t at all helpful.

For example, how many times have you heard the phrase “come on, smile, it might never happen!” It’s usually said to you when you’re not in the mood to smile. You could be having a bad day for any number of reasons, in fact, the thing they’re saying might never happen could have just happened. Hearing those words won’t help. You’ll smile politely then walk away potentially cursing that person. The person means well, they’re trying to be kind, but in reality it doesn’t help.

You’ll also find people criticising your work. You could be proud of something you’ve done but they’ll say “Yeah, it’s great but I’d have done this way…”

This, for me, says more about them than you. It also says “you’re work is great, I’m just jealous you did it without my help.”

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how to react to it!

Feedback on projects is always good. I’ve mentioned a few times how I ask myself three questions after any project or piece of work.

1. What did I do well?
2. What could I improve on?
3. How will I implement those improvements next time?

Do this regardless of what you’re working on. As for feedback from an external source take it but evaluate how effective it is.

Someone who is telling you how they would do it isn’t giving you constructive feedback, they’re telling you how they’d have done it!

You’ll notice from those three questions that there is nothing negative about this feedback. Feedback shouldn’t be negative, it should be constructive.

As the I said, it’s very easy to forget just how far you’ve come. Sit down. Take stock of yourself. What was going on yesterday that you struggle with? Whatever it was you got through it because you’re here today. Even in just twenty-four hours look how far you’ve come.


Now, let’s see where you can go.

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