Four Free Coaching Sessions

Since qualifying as a Life & Executive Coach I have very much enjoyed seeing people reach their full potential and achieve their goals. What makes the process even more enjoyable is knowing the client has been the one to put all the work in. You might ask “well, if they do all the work what do you do?” It’s a good question. My role is to ask the questions that enable to client to discover what is getting in the way of them realising those goals. During the session the client is challenged and using the tools given me during my training the client discovers what barriers and opportunities they have.

At the end of the process we both walk away with very positive feelings.

Using strength based coaching, I enable my clients to set their own goals and agenda and work towards positive outcomes.

So with that in mind I’m offering FOUR FREE COACHING sessions.  You might be wondering what I’m going to get out of this so I’d encourage to read the first paragraph again. I get to walk away knowing I’ve assisted someone to become their best self. When YOU become your best self imagine how you’d feel – I get to see that first hand and be a part of that process.  It’s an incredible feeling.

If you’d like to be one of the four clients click here or see the link at the top of the page and complete the online form.

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