Let Rob show you how to effectively run and manage any style of meeting. Be it a peer support group or facilitating a community group, Rob’s course in effective meeting facilitation will give you all the skills you need.

Meetings come in many different forms, from a meeting of managers in the workplace to community groups coming together to achieve a goal to peer support groups hoping to offer help and guidance to those who need it.

Running an effective meeting, regardless of type, takes more than just setting an agenda and telling people what time to be there. If you want to get the most out of your time and those attending you need to put some work in. Without this pre-planning you’ll end up having a meeting about meeting and gain nothing from it.

Say the word “meeting” and expect to hear sighs, groans, or sarcastic remarks. Yet, planning requires people to come together frequently over a period of time in a meeting. Well-planned and facilitated meetings sustain participants’ energy and allow them to contribute their best thinking to the planning endeavour.


Two courses are available.

  1. Meeting Faciliataion
    1. This covers everything from small committee or team meetings to large “town hall” style meetings and is a one day course.
  2. Peer Support Meetings
    1. Peer Support Meetings are a specialised area and this is a four day course.

Details of both courses coming soon.

Get in touch for more details or if you’ve any questions.